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Systems Analysis

Once a customer starts discussing his/her requirements, the team gets into it, towards the preliminary requirement analysis. As the web site is going to be a part of a system, It needs a complete analysis as, how the web site or the web based application is going to help the present system and how the site is going to help the business. Moreover the analysis should cover all the aspects especially on how the web site is going to join the existing system.

Planning and designing

We will then discuss the design with you and make any changes until you are satisfied. Once you are happy with the layout and design we will move on to the site development.


On receiving the design documents the coding phase starts. Small modules are developed first and then they are integrated and implemented to meet their specifications.

Testing/Quality Assurance

After the coding phase, testing begins. Different testing methodologies are used in order to detect the bugs. The bugs are fixed and the final website is tested to make sure that it meets the client’s requirements.


Once the Website has been accepted by customer (user acceptance or Website acceptance), on customers approval the Website goes to customer site for implementation. A key user’s team from customer end is dedicated to this phase for the complete tenure.

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